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Our mission is to enhance, promote and support the academic awareness of aviation and aeronautical career path opportunities for all students, particularly female, minority, underprivileged and at-risk youth. We provide professional leadership training and management consulting through education centers to students and professionals in order to enhance academic awareness of aviation and aeronautical career path opportunities.

We provide Aviation academic curriculum development, programs, activities and support services for youth Grades K-12, interested in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.


The AeroStar Avion Institute, The Boeing Company and NASA have partnered to bring aerospace to life with these amazing, hands-on aviation industry immersion, exploration and apprenticeship summer programs!

Learn Historical Insight, Flight Simulation, Operate Drones, Remote Controlled Helicopters, Build Model Aircraft, Meet Industry Professionals, Field Trips, and more.

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Address: PO Box 496404, Chicago IL 60649-6404

Mail: aai@avioninstitute.org

Phone: (312) 883-6383