About us

The AeroStar Avion Institute delivers programs that teach skills necessary to not just participate, but LEAD in the next generation of STEM innovation. Students are immersed in inquiry-based learning, engineering design projects, they operate flight simulators, remote controlled helicopters, drones, RC airplanes and VR headsets. They also build model airplanes and rockets to specifications. They study and demonstrate extensive knowledge on flight theory, aviation weather, aircraft radio operation, aircraft cockpit instrumentation and STEM careers. We soar above other programs because we provide years of ongoing support to students interested in pursuing pathways in Aviation/STEM.

Educational STEM programs are proliferating, as educators, parents and employers recognize student achievement gaps and desire to create alternative pathways via in-school and out-of-school-time learning programs to address them.

  • Even so, Black and Hispanic students are far less likely than their White counterparts to take advanced-level science and math courses; or in many cases, lack access to advanced-level science  and math courses.
  • In 2012, Black (15%) and Hispanic (17%) students took these science classes; in math, the rates were 30% (Black) and 28% (Hispanic).
  • The projected pilot shortage is being increasingly validated, with expectations that as early as 2022, the industry will feel the pain.
  • Concerns mount about violence in Chicago and nationally, of young Black men neither in school nor employed.

With its proven track record of strong Out-of-school-time, year-round aviation programs, AAI needs to grow –must grow –in response to the call for STEM readiness and aviation industry skilled labor shortage. A classroom-to-career aviation talent pipeline, and effective programming for  students of color has proven to be a viable answer to these issues.


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