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Workforce development modules designed with specific aviation career pathways in mind. Apprentices gain extensive knowledge and real-world experience on flight theory, weather, flight planning, aviation careers, cockpit instrumentation, virtual reality, aerospace engineering, airline operations, and Air Traffic Control. We test their knowledge with interactive challenges that build teamwork, industry exposure as well as prepare them to pass professional competency examinations for licensure. All of our workshops offer industry content that is rigorous and focused. By the end of programs, some will have taken their first flight, received pilot training or even obtained a license or certificate through our Not-for- Profit, The AeroStar Avion Institute NFP or partnering organizations. Our blend of curriculum, project-based learning and industry immersion, offers a one of- a-kind experience within an urban setting. Until now, aviation education and training has been relegated to expensive university campuses, local airports, summer camps or events. The AeroStar Avion Institute brings aviation to the heart of the City, with year-round engagement for all.